Albert Grande, Internet Consultant

Albert Grande, Internet Consultant, Website creator, video creator

We are a locally owned and managed web service company.

Albert Grande, owner, has been on the Internet for over 10 years. He is a Hawaii Marketing Expert and Internet Consultant. He specializes in WordPress websites.

His websites have been featured in 3 books, radio, television, national magazines, newspapers and of course the Internet.

He has written several books including The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book. He is a recognized author, and speaker.

He is the creator of numerous websites, including Pizza Therapy, Legends of Pizza, Pasta Therapy, and The Pizza Blog.Pizza Therapy has been featured in 3 books, television, magazines, newspapers, radio, a movie, and the Internet.

He is The Pizza Promoter and an Internet Marketer. His personal blog is: He is the owner of Grande Publishing, and What You Think Becomes Reality.

His books include: The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book, The Happy Italian Cookbook, and How to Get Into the Pizza Business. His audio series is called The Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and Legends of Pizza, Volume 2.  The transcripts of the recordings were also released as The Legends of Pizza e-book.

He hosts a number of other websites. He has two web hosting services that he recommends.

One is Hostgator  for your web sites. Their support is outstanding.

The other is: Bluehost for your webhosting needs.

What You Think Becomes Reality, is a life dream project, and is the basis of an upcoming book.

Contact Albert Grande:

email: albert @

(808) 781-8000